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The Journey Behind YummyShots

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

"We strive to WOW our consumers. We create excitement and fun in those special moments with friends and families. We look to attract an innovating consumer who enjoys forward thinking and is eco-conscious”

This is what Cristina and Carolina Dorantes (sisters, entrepreneurs and founders) had in mind when they established Foodlab, the company behind YummyShots.

YummyShots are the first tequila-shot-shaped gummies. It all started back in 2014 when Cristina presented the product as part of a university project. After being persuaded by her teachers and classmates she decided to turn this idea into a commercial product. A couple of years later, Carolina saw the potential of the product as an international company and convinced her sister into working together.

The idea of drinking the drink and eating the glass has taken them to great adventures. From the mexican version of Shark Tank to recognition from magazines like Forbes Mexico.

As Foodlab, they have worked hard on bringing new and innovative products to a forward thinking public. They also want to be part of their country’s well being, so they are looking to help the community by providing work opportunities to women in hard situations. Foodlab currently is a 95% female company.

About YummyShots

YummyShots are tequila-shot-shaped gummy. They come in six different flavors: lime, watermelon, blueberry, tamarind, mango and hot apricot.

A must-have in parties, you can mix them up with all types of drinks, desserts and snacks. Bringing board games to the next level. Drink the drink, eat the shot.

Next step

The journey doesn't end here. In Foodlab we are working on edible straws as well as edible packages. We want all of us to eat the trash and reduce waste in the use of our day to day products.

Remember to find your YummyShots in #HEB! Find a store near you:

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