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Best Halloween Party Themes

Halloween is around the corner and so the #YummyTeam has taken the task to bring you the best Halloween themes, as well as some decoration items you can shop for, so you can throw the best party ever.

YummyShots. Of course, there is no party without your YummyShots. Use them also as decor with different Halloween themes decoration. Also check out some Halloween recipes.

Find all this decoration in Amazon US: YummyShots, spiders, pumpkin and candles. Also available in Amazon CA: YummyShots, spiders, pumpkin and candles.

Murder Mystery Theme

The perfect theme for parties where most of the guest don't know each other. Buy or write your own script where all or most of the guest participate. Plan if you want a specific decor theme (like a time period) so your guest can get costumes than match the idea. Take things up a notch and have some custom accessories that match de decor.

Find some examples in Amazon US or Amazon CA.

Watch Scary Movie

For a more intimate affair, what about getting together with your best friends and watch some scary movies. Make it more fun with costumes, decoration and some shots.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have been big on pop culture thanks to different tv shows and movies, how about a party full of them. Ask your guests to come as zombies and serve fake organs food.

Haunted House

One of our favorite ideas. Make this party, the best party ever turning the space into a haunted house. It may be very elaborate but is perfect for a medium to big gathering regardless if guests know or not each other.

Find great decoration in Amazon US and Amazon CA.

Some other ideas are:

  • Willie Wonka: make your home a candy paradise

  • Black Tie: Oscar night or just a fancy meeting, take Halloween into a completely different direction.

  • Summer camp: get in touch with your inner child and celebrate de great outside. Make a fire and get the s'mores ready.

  • Become a superhero: see how your friends see themselves and invite them to come as their favorite superhero.

What do you think about our ideas. Any other you would like to share? Please leave them in the comments!

Remember you can find your YummyShots in US and CA.

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