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The best apps to play with your YummyShots!

Staying at home is still the best option to take care of the bug out there. That's why the #YummyTeam made the best selection of apps for party games (free), so you can combine your Yummys and drinks in a more fun way.

We recommend our favorites below:

1. Drinkopoly

  • Download it: IOs and Android.

  • It features 3 free levels that consist of a selection of mini games where whoever loses... shot!

  • It is easy to navigate and includes fun graphics.

  • Apple users rate it 4.5 and Android 4.1.

2. Drink Roulette

  • Download it: IOs and Android.

  • As its name says, it's a roulette where you choose participants and games to play. It offers 1 free level.

  • It has an excellent interface. Its only disadvantage are the ads offering the premium version.

  • Apple users rate it with 4.5 and Android with 4.2.

3. PartyPal

  • Download it: IOs and Android.

  • It offers 18 games and 1 free level for each game.

  • Its interface is easy to use. However, the free version includes a certain amount of google ads.

  • Apple users rate it with 4.9 and Android with 3.8.

4. Drink Extreme

  • Download it: IOs and Android.

  • It includes 3 free games with the option to adapt them as you prefer.

  • It has a good interface despite its ads.

  • Apple users rate it with 4.6 and Android with 4.2.

Remember to always drink with measure and not to drive after any of these games. The YummyTeam wants you to have fun while staying home. So, always wash your hands especially when you are going to enjoy your YummyShots ;)

Find your Yummys at:

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