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Netflix & YummyShots

The new way to enjoy your favorite tv shows!

The current reports on COVID are not looking good so the #YummyTeam invites you to take care of yourself having fun with some “stay at home drinking games”.

We all have that show that we love. How about adding some drinking rules? Every time a character does or says something specific, everyone takes a shot. Here are some ideas:

Tv Show: Friends

  • Everyone takes a shot every time:

  • The 6 friends are in Monica's apartment

  • Joey has an audition.

  • Phoebe mentions something weird from her past.

  • Someone has coffee.

  • Any character is on the street.

  • Someone mentions Monica's obsession with cleaning (double shot if she is also cleaning)

  • Rachael and Monica fight.

  • They make the gesture with both fists hitting each other.

Tv Show: Orange Is The New Black

  • Everyone takes a shot every time:

  • The character Big Boo starts flirting up with someone new

  • Pennsatucky talks about Jesus or starts praying

  • Someone complains about the jail food

  • Crazy eyes says something only she would say

  • An inmate flirts with a guard

  • An inmate dances

  • There is a new inmate

TvShow: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  • Everyone takes a shot every time:

  • Someone mentions the "mole women"

  • Kimmy misuses a popular reference (eg hashbrown instead of hashtag)

  • Titus seeks to be the center of attention

  • They use a made-up insult

  • They tell a joke about Dong's name

  • Every time Kimmy gives a female empowerment speech

  • Lilian mentions her dark past

Always remember to drink with measure and never drive after any of these games. The YummyTeam wants you to have fun this August 2021 while taking care of the virus. So, always remember to wash your hands, especially when you go to take your YummyShots ;)

Find your Yummys at:

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