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How to do 5 de Mayo Right!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Cinco de Mayo is the annual celebration of the battle between the Mexican and the French Army. In the United States, is a day where the Mexican culture is celebrated: People across the country embrace the day as an excuse to eat Tex-Mex cuisine, drink Mexican beer, and prepare pitchers of margaritas, as the holiday is often associated with partying.

At YummyShot we embrace our identity as a completely mexican-owned company, and want to help you celebrate it in a proper way. So the YummyTeam has prepared a list of things for you to do!

1. Support mexican businesses

Whether it's your local Mexican Restaurant, or a local Mexican pottery store, supporting small business owners helps not only your local economy but it helps to support the Mexicans who's culture you enjoy celebrating.

2. Eat the food

Skip Taco Bell and go for Mole Poblano instead! Food is such a large part of the Mexican culture, that it can be one of the best (and tastiest!) ways to celebrate.

3. Support Mexican Arts and Museums

A lot of Mexico’s heritage is based on their craftwork, so this may be a good day to check out artesanías. If you have a local art gallery or museum, show up and support those artists and museums that are honoring Mexican history.

4. Prepare your favorite drink

This one is up to you! However, if we had to choose we would be preparing either frozen margaritas or palomas and serve them with YummyShots. If you are more of the beer kind-of-person, maybe some micheladas would be good for you.

So, I guess the only way to properly enjoy Cinco de Mayo is actually celebrating our identity, and maybe adding a little bit of fun with us!

Remember to fin your YummyShots in HEBs around Texas in mixology.

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