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Have to plan the best Halloween party!

How to plan your perfect Halloween party?

As you may know, the YummyTeam is the “know it all” when it comes to parties. We keep up with the coolest trends and share them with all of our readers. Because is October we must talk about Halloween. We have planned a series of blog posts so you can prepare the best Halloween party this 2022.

The first part of any good party is planning, so if you have no idea how to start, don´t worry! We are here to help.

Steps for the best Halloween Party:

1. Plan your guest list. Is it a big party? Is it an intimate affair? Make sure you have a head count and don´t leave anybody out. Making a list and sharing it with your closest friends may avoid leaving anybody out.

2. Set the date. This may be the hardest but most important step in planning your party. It may be hard to find a date where everyone can come, but if you plan the party with time it´s more likely that most of your guest will RSVP. Make sure you give your guests enough of a heads up.

3. Choose a venue. Is it a small party? Can it be in you home? Or is it a big affair and you may need someones house for the party? Just make sure there is enough space for all the people you expect.

4. Pick a theme. Some great ideas for Halloween are haunted house, Hollywood horror, glow in the dark, Willy Wonka, murder mystery and so on. Get creative!

5. Send the invitations. You can have a very elaborate invitation using your party´s theme or a very simple online design, that is up to you. Just make sure to includes:

  • The date

  • The place (a map always is a great help)

  • The time

  • If they need to bring something

6. Get or DYI your decor. Having a theme will help so much with choosing your decor. You can either buy it or make them yourself, the options are endless.

7. Foods and drinks! Make sure you plan a menu so once you go grocery shopping you’ll find all you need in one trip. Some must haves:

  • YummyShots. The most important food item for your party. You can use them as decoration filling them snacks and desserts. Also, they are great for drinking games or as a chaser. For more ideas check out our Halloween's drinks ideas.

  • Alcohol. The most important alcohol are beer, whiskey, and vodka, make sure they are on your list.

  • Food. Are you making the snacks? Are you buying pre-made? Just make sure you have a plan and the list of all you need.

8. Plan the activities. Is it going to be kids friendly? Are there going to be heavy drinkers? Do the guests know each other? All these questions will help you plan for the party. If it´s going to be kids friendly, make sure you have something plan for them to do. If it´s going to be some heavy drinkers plan what to do in case someone gets sick or activities to have them doing something other than just sitting and drinking, what about karaoke? If there is going to be a lot of people that don´t know each other, plan ahead and buy some games that will help break the ice.

Hope this is of great help for you. If we left something out please let us know in the comment section so others may be even more prepared this Halloween.

Remember, if you are in Canada click here or if you are in USA click here and find the closes place where you can find your YummyShots.

Happy Halloween!

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